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Building Inspections

What does a building inspection involve and why would you want one? - A structural Pre Purchase inspection is done as per the Australian Standard (AS 4349.0-2007), by a qualified inspector. They are assessing the integrity of the structures load bearing components, being the;

  • Main External Walls- The brick work and finish, External linings.
  • Main Footings, Flooring and Sub Floor- Posts or Stumps, Intermediate members and the footing/ Foundation.
  • Main Roof Structure- Trusses and Framing, Timber size for span and the Strutting and Bracing.

Once inspected these item will be rated as either structurally sound, (adequate) or unsound (inadequate). Based upon the results of the inspection you would make your decision whether or not to purchase the home, if it was made subject to a building inspection.

The main objective of a building inspection, is to make sure the place you are looking to buy is structurally sound. Often people get carried away with the inside of a home without considering the outside and structure of the home. Cracked walls, rising damp, sagging roofs and shifting foundations may get by without a professional inspection, potentially ruining what should be a good experience of home ownership.

A basic peace of mind inspection will cost around $550 for a single storey,  4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house build from the 1980's onwards, properties outside of this can be assessed, but the rate may increase, should there be other items requiring attention the price may also increase, you can discuss these options further with a professional by clicking here.


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