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Final inspections

Prior to settling on your new property, usually within 5 days of settlement you will be required to do a final inspection with the selling agent, in this inspection you need to satisfy yourself any special conditions on the offer have been met, eg; rubbish removal, repair of an appliance etc. Also that the property has everything in order and working condition as you inspected it when you originally made the offer. You will need to make sure things such as the hot water system is turned on prior to your inspection should it be a storage system, otherwise you will only get cold water from it. Also you will need to make sure the power is on. If there is a telephone in the house you should be able to get a tone from the outlets, even if the phone is disconnected. We have assumed at this stage that you have favourable pest and building inspections returned should you have ordered them.

When going through the house, it is wise to check things like the hot water, stoves, cook tops, range hoods, dishwashers, air conditioners, lights, gates, roller doors, exhaust fans, reticulation, pool and spa equipment all work. Also that the vacating parties have not caused any damage, removed all of their property and that there isn't anything that has changed or been remove that shouldn't have since you first inspected the property.

Should you find there is something that needs to be repaired or that special conditions have not been met, you will work with your settlement agent and the selling agent to arrive at an appropriate outcome, through the Vendor and their respective agents. This may involve some money being held back for repairs, or the owner repairing or replacing what has been damaged or isn't working prior to settlement, which will involve you inspecting the property again to satisfy yourself that it's been done properly. In some extreme cases it may even involve you pulling out of the deal.

It is also an idea to find out who the pay television, broadband and telephone suppliers are in case you would like to continue to have them provide the service. It never hurts to get the outgoing owner/ tenants forwarding address for mail either. Don't forget to also find out when your rubbish collection and watering days are as well.

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