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Getting ready for the move

By this time you should be certified and ready to settle on your first home!  You should, or be very close to being at the following stages;

  • Your settlement agent should be ready to book the settlement, having received any additional funds, your completed transfer of land, stamp duty concession forms, your certificate of appointment and your agent ( or yourself for private sales) should have forwarded your original offer and acceptance purchase contract.
  • Your bank should have your certificate of current insurance, your completed loan contracts, 100 points of ID and your Finance Broker should have advised you they are certified and ready to settle.
  • The Vendors (sellers) real estate agent and/or your real estate agent should also hopefully have advised you the vendor (seller) is also ready.
  • You should have arranged your building insurance, signed and returned everything required of you and have transferred the appropriate additional funds if required for settlement.
  • You can also complete the REBA Grant (First Home Buyers Assistance Fund) application and dispatch it to your lender, or forward to your finance broker.

Hopefully you are excited at this point and not filled with dread! For you are about to step into the world of home ownership, and this is a great milestone to achieve in life.

We have dedicated this section to try to make your transition from your parents or your rental property as painless as possible, we have included checklists, provided service transfer companies to assist you along with resources to clean up your rental and move your belongings.

We have included a list of Western Australian local councils for you to contact to gather information on Pet and animal registration and rules, source rubbish collection days and find out about verge collections, recycling incentives or requirements. They are also a useful tool in finding out the zoning information through their planning departments. To access the list of local councils click here and find out what you need to know about the new home you are moving to.

The 7 steps to buying your first home