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Getting Utilities sorted out

You don't want to get to your new address and find out the power or gas has been shut down, so two weeks before the move it is a good idea to get in touch with your utility companies and make sure you don't get caught in the dark or cold. There are also a number of other services you will need to transfer to coincide with the move also. Some services you will need to transfer are;


Now this is the most likely to catch you out, so we put it first. The first thing you need to consider when transferring your telephone service is your ADSL or Broadband connection. Now most Internet relocations will take between 5-10 business days to complete, 5 days being the norm. So for that point alone you need to get onto your telephone transfer even earlier than most would anticipate.

Most telephone transfers for existing buildings can be done with a small connection fee and will take between 5-10 business days to complete. Now you will need to contact your provider to find out how long they will take to be able to judge when you need to do this, but if you allow 10 business days you should in most cases have enough time. New services into newly completed buildings will take about the same time, but the connection fees will be more expensive, as it involves getting a technician out on site. This will also be the same should you require a second line installed and connected.

So make sure you consider the time it will take to connect and transfer your Broadband service when you calculate the time needed to transfer your phone service to your new address.


In most cases you are going to require between 5-10 business days to transfer your ADSL service, you will need a phone line connected at the new address to do this though, so you will need to establish the phone line before you can start to process this transfer.

If you have a naked DSL service, you will still require a phone line to be cabled to your new home. You need to apply for this transfer about 4 weeks before the move, it will not take that long to transfer. But your new address needs to have Naked DSL available to it. So if for any reason you are unable to get your naked DSL service up and running, you still have time to arrange a broadband service at the new address. The standard transfer time for a Naked DSL service is about 11 business days.

Pay Tv

If you are lucky enough to have pay tv you won't want to leave it behind! Contact your provider around 10 business days before the move to ensure a smooth transition of service.

Power & Gas

Your power and gas is a nice and easy in WA. Assuming the outgoing tenant or owner has closed their account and have done all else they are supposed to do, 2 business days are all that it will take to get your power connected. In some instances where gas meters have been shut down, it may take three business days. But if you phone up 5 days ahead advising of the transfer date, there shouldn't be any problems.  You also need to note that you need to finalize the old account at your current address, but this should be done as a part of the transfer process.

Mobile, Banking, Health insurance, Electoral role and DPI (licensing)

Last but not least these items are all important to transfer across! Many people end up with credit defaults for not letting all of their service providers know what their new address is. You will need to contact all of your providers over your final month to arrange to have your bills redirected to your new home. A good way of doing this is by marking off one month before the move on the calendar , then transfer the bills as they arrive for the month.

If you empty your wallet or purse out you will normally find the rest of the cards that need their addresses changed. There are your banking,  Medicare and private health cover cards, your drivers license and anything else that may be in there. Your banks and healthcare providers will need to be called, but you can change your address for your license by clicking on this link (http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/change-my-address.asp) and fill in a form for the Electoral Commission buy clicking here.

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