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Yes, I know you have all heard it over and over again, but there must be something to it if it drummed into us so often. You can repair or renovate a house adding value to it, but you will very rarely be in a position to move that house to a better location!

Have you ever thought of what you want to live near? Is there a particular item of infrastructure, or a geographical feature you'd like to live close to? These can be things such as;

  • Railways
  • Bus routes
  • Parks
  • Sporting facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Main Arterial Roads, Highways and Freeways
  • Rivers
  • Beaches
  • Central business districts
  • Industrial areas
  • Places of employment
  • Café strips
  • Entertainment precincts
  • Shopping centres

The lists can be many and varied for individual needs, but collectively people tent to form patterns and rank most of these things together as all being important. Many of the items listed above are good to live near. But things such as schools and shopping centers, you may not want to live directly across the road from. But on the other hand you may want to live across the road from a river, beach, park or playground. So you could say it is good to have a close proximity to any item of infrastructure, without being on top of them, whereas most geographic features are advantageous to live as close as possible to.

When considering your Ideal location, form a checklist of what you need from your properties location. Though you may never tick all the boxes, it will help you filter through the hundreds of properties for sale more effectively and easily. Take in the tone of the suburbs you are looking to buy in, spend some time driving around them, enquire about the standard of the local schools, go down to the local shopping center, do as many of the little things you can think of that you will be doing as a resident of that area. Most neighbors to your property of interest will also speak openly and honestly about their neighborhood, letting you know if it is peaceful, safe and low in crime. There are certain areas that have had bad names in the past, that have grown or are growing into good areas, so keep an open mind and do your research, after all it is a decision you will have to live in!

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