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Mover's Checklist

Lets face it moving house isn't fun! It is a painful process that done less often is normally a good thing. We have a checklist below to help you with your move.

Weeks  out

Arrange a time with your employer/s if required, once you know your finance is approved. Find out if the outgoing owner or tenant will be out of the house on or before settlement, you don't want to be there the day after settlement to find the previous owner/ tenant still moving out!

Removing Furniture
  • Are you going to do this yourself or are you going to use a professional removalist?
  • If doing the move yourself, do you have access to the appropriate equipment, trailers trolleys, ropes, slings etc? If not quote and source all of what you need.
  • Do you have boxes for all of your things?
  • Do you need to start collecting newspaper to wrap your breakables?
  • Do you have any specialist items that require specialist removal and setup, such as aquariums, pianos and pool tables?
  • What can you start to pack now?
  • What rubbish or items wont you be taking? Start to dispose of them now, hold a garage sale or get in touch with the Good Samaritans or Salvation Army for them to collect.

Changing billing addresses as your bill come in for the last month, and get your utilities set to transfer to your new address.  To redirect your mail you can download the form by clicking here, there is a cost associated with the service, to find out more, you can contact Australia Post customer enquiries on 13 13 18.

Days out;

Consider all of the services that you regularly use, such as pet washes, paper delivery, magazine subscriptions etc, make sure you either discontinue or advise them you are moving. Next you need to make sure all is in place for the big move, things you need to start thinking about are;


  • Defrosting the fridge and freezer, or alternatively moving them quickly and carefully, removing fragile items for the journey.
  • Arrange for your carpets to be cleaned, if you are renting, or maybe surprise your mum and dad if at home!
  • Arrange a time to collect the keys
  • Have a survival kit of toiletries, food, spare clothes etc whilst you are moving
  • Visually run through the move, figure out what needs to go first and what you can move without restricting your access into the new house.
  • Unpack your bedroom, bathrooms and kitchens first, if you don't get it all done in a day you can at least sleep, wash and eat!
Cleaning Up
  • Book professional cleaners if necessary, click
  • If renting, arrange for carpet cleaners to come in after you have moved your furniture
  • Defrost and clean your fridge and freezer the day before you move
  • Safety - consider all safety implications when packing and moving



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