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Non Bank Lenders

We are fortunate here in WA to have a lender through the state governments Department of Housing and Works called Keystart. Keystart was set up to help West Australians into affordable housing and is a very good alternative to going with a traditional bank lender.


The positives for Keystart are
  • They will lend up to 98% of the purchasing price in the Metro area
  • Only a 2% deposit required
  • 1% genuine savings needed
  • They don't discriminate between remote and metropolitan properties.
  • No mortgage insurance is required
  • Construction loans with added flexibility
The negatives are
  • Stringent qualifying criteria
  • Can't fix interest rates
  • Limited maximum purchase prices
  • Limited maximum household income
  • Tough policies on existing debts

On the whole Keystart are a good option for anyone looking to buy their own home, that they don't have to mortgage insure their loans is a huge bonus and saving to the borrower.  Since their beginning in 1989, they have lent over $6,800,000,000 to West Australians and will hopefully be around in the years to come. For many of us they are the difference between home ownership and renting.

To find out more and see if you qualify for a Keystart loan please click here

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