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Purchase flow chart

Step Action by
Initial contact& Send information list(inside 24 hours) Finance Broker
Gather information (2-3 days) Client
First Meeting with client (2-3 days from initial contact) Finance Broker
Submit application(24 hours) Finance Broker
Pre Approve (2-5 Business days normally, up to 15 business days in peak periods) Lender
Write the offer Client
Present the offer (within 24 hours) Real Estate Agent
Counter offers offer going back and forth (1-5 days normally) Real Estate Agent
Acceptance (your finance approval time should start from now) Client
Submit details of purchase property to Lender, request to formalize application (24 hours from receiving accepted offer) Finance Broker
Complete First Home Owners Grant application(1-2 business days) Client
Submit First Home Owners Grant application(within 24 hours of completion) Finance Broker
Get quotes and select settlement agent Client
Formalise pre approval (1-5 days of receiving offer and instruction from Finance Broker) Lender
Order valuations (ordered when re approved, 2-4 business days for most valuations) Lender
Admit Valuer to property (within 1-3 days of contact normally) Real Estate Agent
First Home Owners Grant and Finance  Approval (5-15 business days depending on business volumes) Lender
Preparation and postage of Mortgage Documents (1-5 business days to being posted) Lender
Notify client of Approval send to Real Estate and Settlement Agent (within 24 hours of approval) Finance Broker
Send original offer to settlement agent Real Estate Agent
Sign certificate of appointment with settlement agent (1-3 business days from approval) Client
Prepare transfer of land (1-3 business days from appointment) and approximate costs, send client settlement statement Settlement Agent
Sign and return Transfer of Land (within 2 business days) Client
Sign, complete and return Mortgage documents (within 2 business days Client
Arrange Certificate of Currency to be sent to Finance Broker(1-2 days) This is the building insurance for the purchase property
Arrange final inspection(5 days prior to settlement) Real Estate Agent
Approve final inspection (on the spot or shortly after) Client
Book settlement(2-5 Business days) Settlement Agent
Settle Settlement Agent
Receive Keys (up to 24 hours) or by noon the following day Real Estate Agent
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