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Required docs

A number of different lending scenarios require different documentation from the applicant (borrower), we will lay out a list of items you will need to collect here that will cover most lenders requirements;


  • Copy of passport, Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate
  • If you are a permanant resident then a copy of your visa is also required
  • Copy of drivers license (if no drivers license is held, a Medicare card and Bank Debit or Credit card will suffice)
  • If ID differs from the names used on the Contract of sale, name change papers or a Marriage Certificate will be required, documenting proof of name change.
  • All of your ID for FHOG (First Home Owner Grant) applications will need to be certified and sighted by your Finance Broker, or by a statutory witness.

Income Verification;

  • 3 Payslips or enough covering at least a one month period, the most recent pay slip must be included in this.
  • Copy of most recent annual payment summary from employer (group certificate)
  • If employed less than 12 months a letter from your current employer stating- how long you have been there, how much you earn and that you aren't on a trial period.
  • If you had more than one employer in the previous financial year, a copy of the annual payment summary from them will also be required.
  • If any Centrelink payments are received, a copy of an income statement will be required also.
  • Copy of court order for any maintenance paid, or received.
  • If self employed, 2 years of business and personal tax returns will be required normally, but given this is a more specialized type of application, call one of our finance brokers to discuss your requirements first, by clicking here clicking here.

Credit History;

  • 3 months history on all personal loans, if loan is new (less than 2 months), a copy of the contract will be acceptable.
  • Most recent credit card statement
  • Most recent Store card statements
  • Statement of any HECS repayments
  • Statement of any Homeswest or Centrelink monies owed


  • 3 months history on all transaction accounts held
  • Record of investment for any term deposits held
  • Share statements (Chess Holding Statement), or portfolio snapshot from Broker, for any securities held
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