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Useful services when leaving a rental


As is often the case in rental properties, the gardens can suffer a little neglect. It is a good idea to remember to start planning this step and cleaning up well before the last week in your rental property. Keep in mind if the grass is severely over grown it will look pretty unhealthy for a week or so after it has been mown, so in order to make the agent and owner as pleased with your efforts as possible, have this taken care of well in advance from the end of the lease.

Also if you have green waste that needs to be removed, you may have some council options to dispose of that cheaply, or in some cases for free. To find out if there are any services for green waste collections or drop offs available in your area, click here to access your local councils website.  Alternatively if a green thumb you don't possess, or you haven't time to get the gardens in shape, you can contact a garden and lawn care specialist by clicking here. This will take the hard work out of the equation and save you valuable time leading up to your big move.


To give you some peace of mind and save some sanity, you may want to employ the services of a professional furniture removal company. It should mean all of the heavy lifting is done for you and that the items shifted will be insured, if damaged on the way to their destination. This is well worth considering if you have glass topped furniture, pool tables or pianos. To get in touch with a removalist for a quote please click here. Make sure you find out the extent of what they will insure and be liable for, if shifting valuable and fragile items.

Trailer hire

There are a number of hire companies you can hire a furniture trailer from. Even if you own a regular box trailer trailer or have access to one, these specialized trailers are capable of shifting most homes in 2-3 trips and in some cases on! Your valuable possessions can be tied off to many points inside the trailer and if it is a rainy day they will stay nice and dry, many equipment hire businesses will also supply a fridge trolley along with their furniture trailers, be sure to ask if you hire one!

If you aren't going to get a professional to do your moving for you, then the furniture trailer is your next best bet. You can contact Coates Hire on 131552 or get in touch with a hire company from the Yellow Pages ( www.yellowpages.com.au ) by typing in 'trailer hire' and specifying your location.


As part of the terms of ending your lease and receiving your residual bond back, you will be required to have your carpets cleaned professionally. It should be a condition of receiving your bond back that you provide a receipt as proof that this has been done. Please allow a few weeks for a booking to be made for this service as most good cleaners are booked a few weeks ahead most of the time. Also it is a good idea to make sure you have shifted all of your furniture out before you get them in for the job. To get in touch with a recommended professional carpet cleaner, please click here.

House Cleaning

If you don't have the time to spare, or just don't like to clean, you can use an exit cleaning service, that will clean your ex rental property to the standard required to get as much of your bond back as possible. Given the bond you have paid will be a substantial amount, this can be a worthwhile investment in recouping as much of your bond as possible, as well as leaving you less to worry about and more time to enjoy your new home. The services covered by an exit clean may include the following as required;

  • Windows- internal and exterior with fly screens
  • Cleaning of tiled and hard flooring
  • Bathrooms- mirrors, cupboards, bath and shower
  • Kitchen- cook tops, ovens, cupboards and exhaust fans
  • Living areas and Bedrooms- walls and window sills

Given the varying conditions properties can be left in, the above services will be subject to a quote unique for your property. Many exit cleaning services also come with a carpet cleaning service attached, or at the very least can arrange that for you, to obtain a quote from a professional exit cleaner click here.

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