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Owning a home is not a one-day event but a process in which every step is crucial. From scouting for the house, checking document authenticity, negotiating the deal, setting up part of the payment to moving, every step counts. Inspection of the property is among the most crucial steps. After you have exchanged contracts, you are allowed to do a final inspection of your new home at least a week leading up to moving day. That’s to ensure special conditions have been met.

There are some things that you need to check during the final inspection to ensure the house you are moving to is in perfect condition. If you are buying a home for these first, we have compiled a list of what to check during the final inspection before moving in

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Electrical SwitchBoard

The power supply is one of the crucial things to check during the final inspection. First, you need to check the number of phases supplied- there is either single-phase or three-phase supply. If you are using 3-phase equipment, it’s important to ensure three-phase power supply. Second, you need to check the type of circuit breakers. You also need to inspect whether the circuit breakers are of the required rating. However, it will depend on the kind of equipment you are bringing into the new house. Note that low rated circuit breakers tend to trip when a higher rated appliance is powered on.

Check if all power points are in working order. We recommend that you bring along a small rechargeable item and plug into each outlet. If you see the charging light, then points are in working order. If there is no charging light, then the switchboard has a problem and should be fixed.

Gas Meter

Gas meter safety inspection is crucial. That’s we recommend that it should be one of the key areas check if they are in good order. First, the gas meter must be inspected whether it is working properly. If it is old or damaged, it should be replaced before moving because it could be dangerous. If the gas meter was located inside the house, make sure that all the special conditions have been met. Lastly, have it checked for leaks and must comply with Australian standards.

Roof Line‐ No Sagging

A roof inspection is done at the very early stages of buying the house since it is one of the price determinant factors. However, an issue like roofline sagging should be fixed by current occupiers before you move in. If the roof line was sagging, check if it is arrow straight now. If you can still see curves, dips, and swag from a distance, then the roof line should be fixed before moving in.

Eaves/ Gutters

Check eaves and gutters for damages. They are part of the drainage system that collects rainwater and diverts it away from the roof. Check for leaks which are common with old gutters. There could also be damages on eaves or gutters like breakage and wear down. In such cases, only a replacement can fix the problem. If there are gutters are sagging, ask the current owner to fix them before you move in.

Doors And Locks

For your family and property safety, check if the doors and locks are in working order. Open and close each and every door to check if they can slide, glide and shut easily without scraping or sticking. The door locks should also be in good order. Make sure that they are locking and unlocking with ease. In addition, confirm that the locks have been changed to limit access of unauthorised persons. Lastly, have the doors checked for water and air ingress. The door should not seal out water and air in and out of the house. Otherwise, you will have a problem with air conditioning.


There are several things that you need to check about windows, but the main one is water and air ingress. You need to check if there are windows that cannot seal out air and water. You don’t want to have a difficult time when it rains due to water ingress. Air ingress will also affect your air conditioning efficiency. Another thing you need to check is whether window locks are in good order. Lastly, open and close each and every window to check if they slide, glide and shut easily without scraping.


The lighting system is very crucial to any household. There are several things you need to look out for when inspecting lights. First, you need to check the load on the light system. Make sure that circuit breakers can handle the load or you will have a problem with frequent tripping. The light inspection should also include checking if all switches and bulbs are in good order. Make sure that you have inspected if all switches are lighting as well as if there are burned bulbs. If there is a problem with any of the two, request for a replacement before you move in.

Oven/ Range/ Range Hood

Check the condition of the oven hood or range hood during your final inspection. Most of the fires usually come from the kitchen. Oven hoods or range hoods are essential fire-suppression devices that help to reduce the possibilities of kitchen fires. That is why you need to inspect if they are in working order before you move in. You must also ensure that the range hood is complying with current Australia Standards for fire safety.


When it comes to your plumbing system, taps, sinks, and basins are some of the key areas you must inspect. There are a couple of things to check about these three. First, water leak one of the biggest problem with taps. Therefore, check if taps are leaking. If yes, have them replaced with new ones. For the basins and sinks, they should be in good order. Stainless still is the best options for sinks. If you had agreed that any of the three or all of them should be replaced, confirm if that has been done.

Drains Flowing

A blocked drain is the last thing you wish to experience on your first day in the new home. That is why you need to inspect all drains for clogging during the final inspection. Flush water down the toilet and sink drains to find out if they are blocked. Repeat the flushing for at least three times. If water is flowing slowly, it’s a sign of clogged drain and should be fixed before you move in the house.

Water Damage‐ Cabinets/Ceilings/Walls

Ceilings, walls, and cabinets are candidates to water damages especially if the roof is leaking. The paint on the wall and ceiling will start peeling off leaving scars on the wall. So before you move in, check if there is any form of water damages in the house. Even if the roof is fixed, the damaged walls, ceiling, and cabinets should be fixed as well.


It would be disappointing if you move into the new house only to find out that the dishwater is not working. It would make managing dishes very difficult in the house. That is why you need to have it checked by a professional for faults and damages. It would be good if you try to do the actual washing of the dishes. If the appliance is faulty, request for repair before moving in. If the dishwasher is too old, you can consider having it replaced with a new one.

Hot Water System

Another appliance that you must have checked is the final inspection is the hot water heater. There are several things that you need to check in the water heater system before moving in. First is the temperature of the water coming from the system- it should be consistent. Check the rating circuit breakers or the pilot light depending on the type of fuel used. The circuit breaker should be properly rated to avoid tripping while the pilot should be in good order. If there is rumbling from the tank, then there is a lot of sediment build up that should be flushed out. If you had agreed that the water heater system is too old and should be replaced, check if a new one has been installed.

Security System

The security of your family and property is essential. That is why checking the condition of the security system is crucial. You need to check a couple of things including the quality of the camera, clarity of the image, location of cameras and other factors that improve your security. You might also need to pay more attention to the quality of the security system. In addition, you must check if the alarm system is working. Another thing you need to check is the Access Code. Check if the code is working and if it can be individualized to specific users. You should also have full access to security features so that you can change the code when necessary to avoid a security breach

Heating System

Before you move into your new home, have the heating system checked during the final inspection. You don’t want to freeze during the winter just because the heating system is not working. First, check if the system is producing heat. If there is no heat produced, there are many causes of the problem. First, check if all thermostat functions are working. If the system still is not heating, check the electrical connections. These usually the two main causes. The inspection should also include checking noises to find out if there is a problem with the system’s moving parts such as fans.

Air Conditioner

No matter the type of air con installed in your new home, it must be inspected to ensure that it is in good condition. Check if it is cooling as per the set temperature. All critical parts of the conditioner including the motor, electrical connections, refrigerant level, and possible leaks, etc. must also be inspected. An air con specialist will help you check if the air conditioner is in good condition or not. If the system is remote controlled, check if the remotes are working.

Telephone Points

Telephone points are some of the crucial things that should be in the final inspection checklist. If you want to receive the phone from any part of the house, then every telephone point must be working. Check if all telephones points are all in working order by testing every each and every one. If some are not working, you have the right to ask for repair before moving in.


Intercom is one of the essential security gadgets that you should be in your final checklist. It helps you know who is knocking at the door before opening.  It is, therefore, essential to check the condition of this system. You need to check two things- the image and voice. You should see and hear clearly from the system. So check if the picture and sound features are in good order.

Front Gate

The front gate provides the first line of defense to your property. That’s why you must inspect it for faults and damages. Check it is opening and closing without sticking or scraping. If there are damages or the gate is scraping, it should be fixed before moving in. If the gate is remote controlled, check if all features of the remote are working.

Garage Door

Don’t forget to inspect the garage and more so the garage door. Otherwise, you’ll be exposing your cars to burglars. The most crucial thing that you need to check is whether the door is opening and closing without scraping or sticking. In addition, you must check if the remotes are in working order. Make sure that it is almost impossible for burglars to break into the garage.


A functioning water reticulation water system is crucial if you want to have lush lawns and gardens all summer. That is why you need to inspect the reticulation system to ensure that it’s in good condition. First, check if the reticulation controller is working properly. You also need to check the for correct sprinkler height. Additionally, the pressure of water can help tell if there is a problem with the reticulation system. You need a professional plumber to inspect the system.


There are several things you need to check while inspecting pool and spa facilities. Start with inspecting if the deck around the pool is cluttered. The deck and steps should also be slip-resistant. Check if the ladder, stanchions, and rails are tightly in places. We also recommend that you check for cracks on the concrete surface and any other physical damages on the facility. Additionally, check the heating system and it is functioning and how electrical wiring has been done.

Pool/Spa Equipment

There are many spa and pool equipment that should be inspected during the final inspection. The pool pump motors, pool heaters, light, cleaners, filters, and other essential equipment must be in your final inspection checklist. Check if they are in good condition so that you don’t have problems immediately you move in. You may also need to know their remaining useful life.

Pool Maintenance Company

When you buy a house, you inherited most of the previous owner’s service providers. That’s if you choose to or if you moved to a new place. You might need to research on their experience as well as their reputation in the market. We recommend that you work with the best in your area.

Telephone Provider

Residential telephone services are important for obvious reasons. So you need to know the telephone provider and the number. Then you need to check if the number is working. Due to privacy, we recommend that you bring your own telephone number. If you are not okay with the service provider, you can switch to your preferred choice. Fortunately, you have plenty of telephone provider in Australia to choose from.  In addition, take a look at what internet provider is offering. If you are okay with their services, you can go ahead. But if not, you can switch to a new provider before you move into your new home.

Rubbish Collection Day

One of the crucial day that you shouldn’t forget is the rubbish collection day. You need to ensure that all trash is being collected to keep your home clean. Otherwise, you will have trash piling up in your home hence attracting rodents and other pests. In most cases, these days are set, and you need to adjust your week to accommodate them. The other day you should mark is the sprinkler Days. Depending on the local regulation, you will have days to sprinkle your lawns and garden. Mark these days if you want to have lush lawns and gardens even during summer.

Appliances Currently Under Warranty

By buying a new home, there are several appliances that you inherit from the previous occupier. They include water heater system, dishwater, water softening system, pool water pump, pool, and spa heating system and so on. These are appliances that come with a warranty from the manufacturer. Therefore, you will benefit from such warranties if the appliance breakdown during this period. So make a list of appliances under warranty and when the warranty expires.

Change Of Address Details Of Current Occupiers

Changing the address details of the current or previous occupiers (if they have already moved out) to yours is very important. The address details are crucial especially for the delivery of parcels and other goods and services. Therefore, you need to go through the whole process of changing the address details before you eventually move in. That will help you avoid receiving parcels of the previous owner or missing yours.


Check the yard or the outdoor thoroughly during the final inspection. How is the condition of the compound surrounding your new home? Is it in good shape? Check if there are damages such as holes that could make compound unsafe. Inspect the condition of the parking, walkways, fencing, location of garbage containers, outdoor lighting, and electrical connections and so on. In addition, check if the lawns and gardens are in good condition. If you need to have some improvement, this is the best time to have it done before moving in.

After completing the final inspection, leave a copy for the current owner so that they can address the areas you mentioned. Make sure that every detail on the inspection is clearly explained for better implementation. It is also important to ensure that you have provided your moving dates so they can expedite the process of working on areas that need to be fixed.