5 Home Renovation Tips To Maximize Property Value

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5 Home Renovation Tips To Maximize Property Value

When it comes to renovating your home for resale, please don’t go into it blindly. Not all homeowners in Brisbane recoup their money after making the sale, and you can easily join this group. But that shouldn’t scare you from doing a home renovation. You can still get the best value for the dollar from your home remodelling.

What you need is to figure out whether the remodel is a worthy investment. In this guide, we have the best tips on how to maximise property value with a renovation. The following renovation hacks will you have recouped your money from the sale.

Tip #1. Update Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of the modern home. It is one major element that most home buyers are looking for. If your kitchen design has been around for a couple of decades, give it a modern look, and it will add a lot of value to your property. The choice of the kitchen design and the materials matters the most.

For example, if you install a modern kitchen island with a granite or marble countertop, you are guaranteed to recoup your money. Modern homebuyers are looking for a spacious kitchen and an island that can be converted into a dining table or home office. Pull-out cabinets, lighting, tiles, paint, and energy-efficient appliances will also increase the value of your home.

Tip #2: Install a New Hot Water System

Another home renovation tip that will maximise property value is installing a new hot water system. No buyer will spend huge sums of money on a home using an old or faulty hot water heater system. They want a home that guarantees constant hot water at any time of the day. The choice of the new hot water system is also crucial. Try a solar-powered hot water system as most home buyers are looking for clean energy. If your home is in the Indooroopilly and Kenmore areas, consider calling a hot water plumber in Brisbane to install a hot water system due to the age of the buildings in the area, including suburbs like Chapel Hill, Toowong, and Tennyson. An old hot water system can be dangerous to you and property. The leaks destroy the property’s structure, and it could burst (common in the old gas system) and cause injuries.

Tip #3: Bathroom Addition

If your home is one of the old designs that had only one bathroom, adding another one will help you recoup a huge chunk of remodelling investment. Studies have shown that you can recoup anything between 80% and 130% of the remodelling budget. But you need to be smart when adding a bathroom because it will eat into other spaces.

The trick is to look for the underutilised space in the house. A good example is utilising the closets and the under the stairs space. The size of the second bathrooms will also matter. For the full bath bathroom, you need a larger place compared to a half-bath design. Ensure all bathrooms fitted with quality fixtures and accessories. But don’t use very expensive products to avoid scaring potential buyers.

Tip #4. Work On Curb Appeal

The first thing that sells your home is not the interior décor and house design, but the exterior features. The landscape and the house’s exterior features are the first things a buyer sees. If the buyer is not impressed by the exterior, they will have the same attitude about the whole house. So, invest in luscious curb appeal to maximise property value. You can use several smart tips to achieve this at a minimal cost.

Work on the grass, trees, and shrubs in your yard. No one will like a bushy yard. So leave a few healthy trees and shrubs. But make sure that they are well-trimmed. Don’t forget to do thorough landscaping and ensure that the grass is appealing. If you have gardens, keep them neat because they can increase your property value. Finally, ensure that the driveway is properly paved.

Tip #5: Go Green and Smart

Last but least remodelling tip to maximise property value is going green and smart. Modern homebuyers are looking for these two things. They want an eco-friendly home and one that supports the latest technology. So, start with installing power efficient appliances that use clean energy. Like we mentioned earlier, the solar hot water system is a BIG plus to property value.

A Solar power system is also a big plus to your home value. Install a system that can power most of the appliances in the house and the lighting. For a smart house, have most of the appliances and devices are automatically controlled. With such a house, you will get good offers from tech-savvy homebuyers.

There are many other tips you can use to increase your property’s value, but these are among the best. Take time to plan the renovation and avoid overspending without compromising quality. With that, you will recoup your renovation investment and make a good sale.

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