The Ideal Kitchen For Homebuyers: How Kitchen Plumbing Makes It Happen

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The Ideal Kitchen For Homebuyers: How Kitchen Plumbing Makes It Happen

As a homebuyer, among the many things you need to look for in your potential home is the kitchen. This room is the heart of modern homes. But what should you be looking for? Well, the kitchen Plumbing should top the list. This guide is for you, especially if you’re buying a house for the first time.

We spoke to Luke, a plumber with Asset Plumbing Group, on this topic. We wanted to understand why kitchen plumbing is important when hunting a new home from an expert aspect. Here are some of the tips he gave us about an ideal kitchen based on plumbing features.

Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Among the crucial factors to look for in a kitchen is the sink plumbing. The kitchen sink plays a vital role in the modern kitchen. In fact, it is the heart of the kitchen. From washing dishes, washing hands to cleaning food during preparation, you need a perfect kitchen sink.

There are varieties of kitchen sink plumbing, depending on your need. Based on the size, Luke mentioned single bowls, two single-bowls, and double bowls sinks as the most common. But if you have a larger kitchen, you can go for triple bowl sinks. He also recommended stainless steel sinks.

Kitchen Faucet Plumbing

Faucets are not only some of the heavily used fixtures in the kitchen, but they also add aesthetics in the room. That’s why the choice kitchen faucet plumbing is a crucial factor for a homebuyer look out for. Luke has this advice for the buyers’ check everything from the functionality, design to the material used.”

The durability, convenience, and efficiency are crucial factors to look for in faucets. Pull down types are increasingly becoming popular due to their convenience. The choice of the sink can also determine the best faucets. For durable types, stainless steel material is the best.

Kitchen Water Shut Off

An ideal kitchen should provide quick access to the water shut off valve. Water coming into your house is usually under a higher pressure to reach all corners in your house. If there are plumbing damages in your kitchen such as broken pipe or faucet, flooding can happen rapidly.

That’s why the location of the kitchen water shut off is a crucial factor. When buying a house, check where the kitchen water shut off is located. It should be easy to access. In most cases, they are placed under the kitchen sink.

Water Meter Reading

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Another important thing that makes an ideal kitchen is the water meter location. The kitchen is where most of the water in the house goes. With that in mind, then it becomes the best place to track your water usage. Luke recommended having the water meter installed under the kitchen sink and near the water valve.

The type of water meter also matters when monitoring your water consumption. There are analogue and digital water meters. He recommended digital metals as they are straightforward when reading. By simply shining a light on their display, you will know how much water you have consumed.

Reading Water Pressure

An ideal kitchen should allow for easy pressure monitoring. For your kitchen plumbing to work effectively, the water pressure must be maintained within safe pressure levels. House water pressure should be between 45-80 psi.

If the pressure goes below 40 psi, it can affect the function of dishwashers, washing machine, and other appliances. If it goes above 85 psi, can cause burst pipes and other damages to the kitchen fixtures. So, you should be able to track pressure from the kitchen.

So, if you are buying a new home, pay attention to the kitchen. Check plumbing as one of the key elements of an ideal kitchen. Luke recommended working with a professional plumber to get the most out of the kitchen plumbing. They will also help you identify faults and poorly done kitchen plumbing.

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